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Highlights of this coloring book:


Varied and engaging themes: Tropical landscapes, nature scenes and much more, each page is an invitation to explore a world of color.


  • Simplicity and accessibility: 

The designs are suitable for young children, with clear outlines and simple shapes, making coloring easier and encouraging self-confidence.


  • Educational and entertaining activity: 

Coloring is an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills, concentration and color recognition, while providing moments of relaxation and fun.


  • Ideal for vacations: 

Whether at home, traveling or outdoors, this compact coloring book is perfect to accompany your children wherever they go.


With Love Coco Earth, transform your children's vacation into a colorful and creative adventure. A perfect gift for all little artists!


Coloring booklet for 4-7 year olds: The Magic of Love Coco Earth

An Enchanted Journey Through Colors

Immerse yourself in a magical universe with the Coloring Booklet for 4-7 year olds, designed by Love Coco Earth. Each page of this booklet is an invitation to adventure, with carefully crafted drawings to capture the imagination of young artists. Children will discover enchanted scenes and adorable characters, perfect for sparking their creativity and helping them develop their coloring skills. With this booklet, each stroke of the pencil becomes a wonderful story to tell.

  • Creative and Educational Development

The Love Coco Earth Coloring Book for 4-7 year olds doesn't just entertain. It also plays a crucial role in the creative and educational development of children. By coloring, little ones learn to recognize colors, improve their hand-eye coordination and express their emotions through art. Each page is designed to encourage exploration and discovery, providing a valuable educational tool for parents and educators. Make every coloring session a joyful and enriching learning moment.

Ecological and Sustainable Materials

At Love Coco Earth, we believe in protecting our planet. That's why our Coloring Book for ages 4-7 is printed with high-quality banana leaf covers. By choosing this booklet, you are making a gesture for the environment while offering your child a safe and nature-friendly product. Let your children color with peace of mind, knowing that each page contributes to a greener future.

Love Coco Earth Coloring Book

  • A world of colors for an enchanted vacation !

    Discover Love Coco Earth, the ideal coloring book to keep children aged 4 to 7 occupied during the holidays. Designed especially for budding little artists, this coloring book offers a multitude of captivating drawings that will awaken their creativity and imagination.

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