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Directions for use : Apply the activated charcoal & cucumber mask to the face, leave for 15 minutes, massage the face in circular motions and rinse.


Origin: Activated coconut carbon comes from Guadeloupe coconuts.


Composition :

  • Aqua
  • Ccucumis sativus
  • Cucumis sativus oil
  • Xanithan gum
  • Vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract
  • Saccharum officinrum extract
  • Citrus aurentium dulcis fruit extract
  • Citrus limemon fruit extract
  • Acer saccharum extract
  • Citrus paradisii

Benzyl alcohol

Dehydroacetic acid, charcoal

Activated Charcoal & Cucumber Mask

  • Here are the benefits of this activated charcoal & cucumber mask:

    Cucumber is rich in vitamins and trace elements. In addition to being very hydrating, cucumber is known for its beneficial effects on dull skin lacking clarity and light. The vitamins it contains are very beneficial for the skin.

    AHAs, fruit active ingredients, are very powerful and allow you to create “new skin”, due to their “peeling” effect and their action on cell renewal, they smooth wrinkles and even out the skin. Finally, activated charcoal detoxifies and depollutes the skin, thus increasing the effect of the other active ingredients in the mask.

    Quantity: 130ml

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