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“By launching Love Coco Earth, I wanted to create a virtuous circle, in order to draw on the underestimated and unused resources of the Caribbean, while preserving the planet.


My wish is to build a lasting work, which will be passed on to following generations. ​Each of Love Coco Earth’s products is lovingly designed to do good for everyone who consumes them.” ​

Pepito is the founder of the agro-processing and cosmetics brand Love Coco Earth.

My team and I extend a warm welcome to you on the blog, where we share what we learned during our adventure, beauty tips, and news from Love Coco Earth.

Hello, it's Pépito

Founder of Love Coco Earth

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Merci pour ton envoi !

Une égérie de Love Coco Earth jouit d'un moment detente, en profitant d'un massage.
a Love Coco Earth muse puts an eco-responsible product on the table.


Discover eco-beauty with Love Coco Earth and embrace a new era of eco-friendly skincare.


Immerse yourself in an enchanting sensory experience where each product is infused with natural ingredients and a passion for sustainability. Offer your skin the benefits of nature while contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Join our movement for conscious and responsible beauty.


With Love Coco Earth, you can take care of yourself while taking care of the planet. Explore our full range of eco-beauty products today and let yourself be seduced by authentic, environmentally friendly beauty.

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